Family Law

Nothing is more important than family. That said, nothing gets more emotionally charged and messy than Family Law.  Let me help...

Business Law & Litigation

I have spent over a decade taking Civil Law, Contract Law, Family Law, Landlord Tenant, Equity, and Complex Litigation cases through the Philadelphia Civil legal system.

Criminal Law

I will do my best to mount any and all defenses to make sure you are not just run over by the Criminal Courts machine.

Family Law

These are the most important issues when hiring a Family lawyer.  My detailed experience navigating through these issues will help you achieve your goals.  Contact me for a free consultation.

Nothing is more important than family. That said, nothing gets more emotionally charged and messy than Family Law.  Let me help...

I will delicately yet justly handle all of your family law issues from divorce, marriage annulment, and legal separation to child custody, child support and visitation rights....The sad truth is that forty to fifty percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce.  When terminating a marriage, many legal aspects must be addressed. I will guide you through all of the details during the division of assets and debt between you and your spouse. If children are involved, I will guide you through all of the necessary steps of child custody and support keeping your child's best interest at heart.

Detailed paperwork must be compiled and then submitted to the court, and it will be my job to make sure that all of these details are covered.

I understand that changes to the family unit are difficult to go through, and I will help you achieve your goals as peacefully as possible.  Financial mediation and dispute resolution are two skills that I have developed through years of experience in Family Law cases. 

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Business Law & Litigation

The first place to start is State Court: your local municipality or city where the breach occurred or where the contract was executed is generally where a case will start and a claim may settle.  I have litigated the bulk of my cases in State court and am very familiar with the local rules and procedures for making your claims.

When you work on large projects sometimes you may need to litigate interstate.  I have experience with complex interstate litigation.  My office has filed in Federal Court and tracked down interstate defendants to make them pay what they owe.

The Miller Act is a Federal Law requiring Bondsmen to ensure the working sub-contractors get paid. Did you know that the federal bondsmen do not have to be a surety company?  This fact brought my clients into Federal Court in Philadelphia to track down a bondsman from California.  My office can help you navigate the Pennsylvania and Federal Bond landscape in order to assure that you get paid for your work.

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  • Employee benefits
  • While working at the Solicitors Office in the City Of Chester one of my primary responsibilities was working with Labor Unions.  I am familiar with union arbitrations and release settlements.  I can help you if you have employee troubles.

    Termination is not always the only option; however in order to preserve harmony in the workplace you must have a strategy that both preserves the management- employee relationship and holds the offenders accountable fairly.

    If your employees require specific legal services within the areas of Family Law or Criminal Law you can offer them the fringe benefit of a legal services.

    I have had expensive experience in the areas of Family Law and Criminal Defense and can help your company by helping your employees navigate cases and defend themselves so that they can return to work stress free and focus on the job at hand.

    My office can help your company grow and prosper by helping you work better with your workers.
Contract Review and Pre-Signing Roadmap
The best way to avoid costly litigation is to know what to expect from your contract and general.  It seems that you are always confronted with a 50 page contract and only a short time to review and sign in order to get the job.  Please remember that those huge documents were drafted by a team of attorneys in a huge firm and the purpose is to give the General-Contractor every opportunity to maximize their profits and make you have to litigate for yours.

In a pre-signing review of the proposed contract you will be given a roadmap of how to avoid breaches and how to maximize your rights under the contract.  I have more than 10 years of experience with contracts and can help you navigate the complexities of your work contract.  I can offer a memorandum with a realistic opinion of the document.  It would be up to you to decide to sign if you choose; however most sub-contractors are under the gun and must sign so that they can keep the ship afloat.

Therefore, I can offer a roadmap with timelines to help you meet the deadlines and show you how to work within the framework of the contract to both: do the work and make sure other subs mistakes do not cost you profits.

Crimimal Law

My first trial was fresh out of Law School and a Felony case which we won.  Understanding the Philadelphia criminal justice system is core to asserting your rights and protecting yourself against Criminal Law prosecution.

You need an aggressive attorney who is willing to fight every step of your Criminal Law case within the Philadelphia system whether it is Municipal Court or the Court of Common Pleas.  Someone who can navigate your case through Preliminary Hearings, Motions work, and jury trials at the Court of Commons Pleas.

I have spent over a decade protecting our citizens civil and criminal justice rights.  You need a creative attorney who is willing to file the right kind of Motion you need to get yourself, your friend, or relation out of prison so they can "fight from the street."

I will do my best to mount any and all defenses to make sure you are not just run over by the Criminal Courts machine.

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